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What We Do

What We Do

Speech Recognition for Language Learners

We develop best in class speech recognition software designed specifically for language learners.

Our vision is to make practicing and improving speaking possible without intensive 1 on 1 instruction. Our technology can assess the learner and provide immediate pin-pointed feedback on mistakes. This helps motivate and engage the learner to listen, see mistakes, and then try again. This method is invaluable in getting students to speak more and to improve their speaking.

Speechace API

Speechace API

Best-in-class Speech API designed for scoring pronunciation and fluency

At Speechace we do one thing really well. We are the first and only Speech API designed for evaluating and giving feedback on audio. We only serve Education and our API is used by some of largest worldwide publishers, language learning providers, Universities and K-12. Contact us today to get an API key or talk to an expert.

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Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Create Pronunciation and Speech lessons and exercises right in your favourite LMS

  • Native Moodle plugin
  • Available through LTI support for Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai, WebCT, and other Learning Management Systems.
  • Available from PC, Browser, iOS and Android Apps
  • Trusted and used by

    Trusted and used by

    “The greatest proportion of students listed SpeechAce as their favorite part, based on their appreciation of the native speaker model and accompanying phonetic transcription.”

    J. Aiello, Instructor at University of Naples

    “Of all the different tools I tried (based on my experience as an English teacher in the classroom) SpeechAce was the best. If anyone asks me about tools for English pronunciation I will definitely recommend.”

    Victoria, English Teacher, Germany



    On a mission to make fluent and confident communication attainable to anyone.

    We are a group of experienced software developers, data scientists, educators, linguists, and entrepreneurs.

    We're bound together by a passion for helping people speak fluently. We're all multi-lingual and we know the pain of and effort it takes to communicate with ease and fluency.

    We're always looking for the next opportunity to apply our technology to solve a problem or the next person to join our growing team. So reach out and ask. We read and respond to every message.

    At Speechace, we're always listening.