British English for Moodle has arrived!

Today’s a special day for us. We’re excited to announce the availability of British English on the Speechace Moodle Plugin. And for all you techies and developers out there here’s the link to more information about our en-gb Speechace API.

When teaching English, many teachers are often relegated to using American English because the tools available only teach in American English.  Speechace now has a solution to those wishing to learn to speak the same language as those from “across the pond.”

To make it simple for those of our new and existing teachers, American English can be easily switched to UK English just by changing the dialect dropdown.


Step 1: If you don’t currently have a Speechace for Moodle Account – here’s how you set one up and the quizzes and things you can do with Speechace for Moodle.

Step 2: Follow the step-by-step guide below to setting up a different dialect.

Enter or Edit your Speechace scoring question.  
Select UK English in the dropdown and then click on refresh.  
Speechace generates reference audio according to the dialect chosen.  
Speechace will provide a confirmation, press the play button to verify the Speechace audio of the answer text.  
Save the changes when your question is correct.  


Next steps: Use Speechace for Moodle for yourself

Setup and Sign-up

Here’s what you can do with Speechace for Moodle plugin:

Suggestions and Feedback

We love hearing from teachers and students alike. If you have any feedback for us please feel free to email us at


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