Custom feedback messaging is here

Speechace for Moodle plugin has just released a new version and among the changes is one feature many Educators had asked us for: Customized Speechace score feedback messages.

Teachers love to tailor content, courses, activities, and feedback to their students. It makes sense. What works for K-12 students doesn’t work for College students or Business professionals.

Starting now you can easily customize scoring feedback in Speechace:

  1. Set your own messaging
  2. Set your own Score threshold for each message
  3. Decide whether to show the numeric score or not.

Teachers can now map Speechace scores into a Pass/Fail simple grade or a simple band like Excellent/Good/Fair. You can set the messaging and choose whether to show the numeric score in the Speechace plugin settings.

To update your plugin sign into your Speechace subscription, then download and install the latest plugin. It will automatically upgrade your plugin version.

Once installed, navigate to Site Administration, Plugins, Plugins Overview and scroll to the Speechace plugin Settings where you can edit and customize feedback messaging.

Happy custom messaging!

The Speechace Team

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