Speechace API v9.2 – new Grammar, Vocabulary, Coherence models

Two months ago we launched the Speechace API v9.0 which introduced comprehensive speaking scores for Fluency, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Coherence, and Relevance.

Each of our scores is produced by a dedicated Machine Learning Model that we continuously iterate and improve upon. In v9 we also introduced a new API versioning scheme allowing Speechace API callers to tie themselves to a major or minor versions of Speechace.

Today we launch 2 new minor versions of Speechace API v9.1, and v9.2 with the following updates:

v9.1New Vocabulary scoring model
v9.2New Grammar scoring model
New Coherence scoring model

For the majority of API callers who just wish to use Speechace’s latest models, it suffices to call the API and specify the major version v9 in your request and you will automatically get the latest models:


For those who wish to use a particular minor version you can specify that minor version in the API call as such:


You can see a list of all supported Speechace API versions at https://docs.speechace.com/#api-versioning.

If you wish to learn more or have any questions please reach us at contact@speechace.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Speechace Team

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