Speechace in Unreal gaming engine

Speechace in Unreal Engine

Over the short history of Speechace, we have seen our API used in all sorts of ways. We've seen Speechace integrated into Learning Management Systems, eLearning websites, iOS and Android Apps, robots, smart devices, and even Twilio telephony applications.

Most of these applications we expected and targeted from the get-go, but a few were a pleasant surprise. When you work on a technology building block like the Speechace API there is a special feeling you get when developers find use cases for your technology beyond what you ever imagined.

It leaves you in awe of the magic and power of the API economy, and confirms our day one decision at Speechace to become a technology provider and enabler of others rather than solving it all on our own.

Today is one of those days, as we note the release of a Speechace API plugin for the popular gaming platform Unreal Engine.

Speechace Unreal plugin allows developers to easily add interactive voice-based speaking activities within games, mixing learning into the immersive and imaginative world of gaming and Virtual Reality.

Check out this video for a short demo of what can be built with Speechace and Unreal using this new plugin.

From all of us at Speechace, we would like to congratulate Ilgar Lunin the plugin developer on his effort and creative thinking and look forward to what new learning applications are created using his work.

You can find more information about Speechace for Unreal Engine here:

All the best,

The Speechace team

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