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One of the largest sources of frustrations that teachers face is their lack of time. What would a teacher give to provide more 1:1 time for their students or be able to understand better where their students need additional help? How can a language teacher provide individualized instruction for students who come from a variety of backgrounds and speak various native languages?

Speechace with Moodle plugin can help.

Of the three most important skills that leads to Effective Communication: Speaking, Listening & Understanding, and Reading & Writing. Speaking has been found to be the most challenging and difficult to excel at.

Speaking and writing are productive or active forms of a language.

When writing, you have time to complete your thoughts and present your ideas after multiple iterations and your communication is complete

Speaking, on the other hand, instantly requires a combination of recall (and conjugation) of the word, pronunciation, enunciation, and correct vocabulary use.

Why Speechace?

Unlike Rosetta Stone®, Duolingo®, and other language learning tools, Speechace provides the student and teacher with real-time scoring and pin-pointed feedback of each student’s oral fluency.

Research has shown that practice with adaptive feedback leads to a robust improvement in phonemic awareness and, ultimately, pronunciation and speaking fluency.


Speechace can help the teacher by providing assistance with the three fundamentals of speaking:


With Speechace for Moodle, teachers can create and edit custom lessons for their students. Speechace provides exposure to the word or phrase the way a native speaker would use it.


The student is able to practice the word or phrase multiple times and have it recorded for their and their teacher’s review.


Using the patent-pending speech recognition AI technology, Speechace can pinpoint the pronunciation mistakes that the student makes and provide immediate feedback to the student and record areas of improvement needed for the teacher. Speechace also scores speech against a native speaker model providing student with immediate feedback and incentive to practice further and improve.


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Setup and Sign-up

Here’s what you can do with Speechace for Moodle plugin:

Suggestions and Feedback

We love hearing from teachers and students alike. If you have any feedback for us please feel free to email us at feedback@speechace.com.

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