Speech Recognition Software For Pronunciation Improvement

Syllable and phoneme level feedback on a learner's pronunciation [Patent Pending].

We develop speech recognition software that assists language learners in improving their pronunciation and lowering their accent. Our system is different from other speech recognition technologies because of our ability to recognize individual syllables and phonemes in any audio sample. We are then able to pinpoint the exact syllables and phonemes that a user is speaking incorrectly.

The ability to visually identify incorrect syllables and phonemes speeds up the user's learning time tremendously because the user is able to see where they are making a mistake instead of trying to hear their mistakes.

As of now our system only understands English but our techniques are language agnostic and we can customize our system for any language and dialect on demand.

Works with all Learning Management Systems

Create online pronunciation practice content based on our speech recognition technology.

  • We can integrate with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and any other learning management system of your choice. Moodle users can utilize our speech recognition plugin for Moodle. Other LMSes can integrate our technology through custom plugins or LTI technology.

  • Create customized pronunciation training material for your class. We assemble your content and generate expert speaker audio for reference.

  • Monitor student performance and provide personalized feedback for improvement.

Englace App

Practice speaking English

Englace contains mini English pronunciation courses that help learners practice speaking English.

  Variety of content to practice.

  Listen to the correct pronunciation.

  Speak full sentence and receive syllable level feedback on your pronunciation instantly.

  Practice speaking as many times as you like.

  Review translations.

  Track your performance.

  Completely free!

SpeechAce App

Dictionary app that teaches speaking English.

SpeechAce app teaches correct English pronunciation and eliminates your accent one word at a time.

  Search over 80,000 English words.

  Listen to the correct pronunciation in both male and female voices.

  Speak the word and receive phoneme level feedback on your pronunciation instantly.

  Practice the word as many times as you like.

  Translate the word in to over 40 languages.

  Review the meaning and usage of the word instantly.

  First 50 word scores completely free! Full access for only $2.99.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 7.0 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required.

App Screenshots

SpeechAce API

Web based API for evaluating any audio sample.

As of now we only share our API with a limited set of partners. If you are interested in using our API then please send us a request using the form in the Contact section below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our Team

Improving pronunciation one syllable at a time.

Abhishek Gupta


Bernard Lee

Content Manager & ESL/EFL Expert

Ian Cheung

Founder and Chief Developer

Piyu Roy

Product Manager

Matthew Calderwood

Computational Linguist

Yveline Van Anh

Computational Linguist

We are a team of experienced software developers, linguists and business development personnel. We are passionate about learning languages and every team member speaks at least two languages. SpeechAce was founded because some of our team members wanted to develop a tool that they could use to reduce their native accent while speaking English. We understand the pain of not being able to speak a language fluently and therefore work hard every day to develop best in class products for our customers.

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