Speechace is now available in French

Today we are pleased to announce the beta launch of Speechace in French. As of today Speechace API and Speechace Web Application support Pronunciation and Fluency Assessment in both French (France), and French (Canada). 

Speechace has long been the leading API in speaking assessment and feedback. We were the first  Word and Sentence Pronunciation Assessment API , the first Fluency Assessment API, the first Spontaneous Speech Assessment API, the first to predict and align speaking scores in standard rubrics such as IELTS and CEFR.

And today we are delighted to be the first API to provide comprehensive Pronunciation and Fluency Assessment with CEFR scores for French (France) and French (Canada).

Our new Speechace French models were specifically trained and evaluated to assess and provide feedback for non-native learners of French at a passage, sentence, word, syllable, and phoneme level. Our release criteria for our beta was high and required randomized blind evaluation on diverse datasets against ratings by qualified professional raters.

Our beta release has achieved the following performance metrics:

  •  0.77 Pearson Correlation with independent blind professional raters
  • 10.82 Root Mean Square Error (on 100 point scale)

You can try out an open demo of Pronunciation and Fluency French speaking activities here:



The Speechace Team is very excited with new release and we are eager to hear your thoughts and feedback on this beta as well as your interest in other languages you’d like to use with Speechace.


All the best,

The Speechace Team

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